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Agile Park@ - Scrum Simulation

Experience the Scrum Framework and other agile best practices in practice in this extraordinary and interactive SERVIEW simulation "Agile-Park".

You will take over the construction of the amusement park "Agile Park", which will provide a habitat for real dinosaurs and an experience for visitors. Inspire the investors and enable the opening after only 4 sprints. In the simulation, short theory blocks are directly put into practice using the exciting scenario. The added value of this interactive format is pre-programmed with a practical component of approx. 90%.

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Based on the inspiring vision, the participants create personas on behalf of employees, visitors and other requesters. On this basis, a user story map is developed and user stories are written together. The collected requirements are then divided into releases and sprints. The requirements are then implemented using the Scrum Framework with LEGO®.


The simulation is carried out in several thematic blocks in which you learn different best practices, each of which builds on the other. The following are included:

  • Characteristics of a good product vision
  • The importance of the product vision
  • Creating personas as target group representatives
  • Creating a user story map based on the defined personas
  • Writing User Stories for the defined personas and based on the User Story Map
  • Cutting the sum of requirements in Releases and Sprints
  • The Scrum Framework in theory and practice
  • Execution of the Scrum roles Product Owner, Scrum Master and Development Team Member
  • experience how Scrum can create real business value
  • increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the IT department
  • improve the work flow of the different teams
  • development of personal skills to work best in a Scrum environment
  • identify opportunities and responsibilities for more successful IT projects


This simulation is for managers, executives and employees of IT organizations, group leaders and all who work in interdisciplinary Scrum teams or have already participated in Scrum and/or SAFe trainings.


You need no previous knowledge to participate in the simulation.


You'll establish the agenda together with our staff individually based on your needs and requirements, in order to receive the best possible result.


After the simulation, you not only learned new best practices, but also applied them based on a defined scenario. These can now be applied to the following challenges:

  • Define target groups
  • Accept / create requirements
  • Scrum Team setup
  • Apply Scrum
  • Release planning
  • Definition of a minimum viable product

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