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Trainings » Why Serview » Inhouse-Trainings


Whenever you want to continue the education of several your staff members on a certain topic, you should discuss an in-house training with us.

Every year, we carry out over 500 in-house trainings in the fields of Management & Methods on the premises of our customers. These trainings might include selected contents from our wide training portfolio, or we might have developed a customised concept for our client.

Good reasons
Individual: We'll only train the topics that are important to you and your colleagues and they can be combined individually to suit your needs.

Confidential: In an internal training group, it is also possible to deal with issues that cannot be discussed in an open training:

Collective: In-house trainings improve team spirit and facilitates the cooperation after the training. Contents that are learned together are easier to apply in everyday work life.

Flexible: You decide when and where. Dates are very good training dates, if your workflows aren't disrupted.

Together:Our dedicated department is always prepared to support you in issues related to preparing and carrying out the training.


To receive your personalised in-house training offer, you can contact us at all times using the following contact information:

Phone: +49 6172 1774460

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Alle SERVIEW Trainings erhalten Sie auch als Inhouse-Variante.