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SCRUM Master & Product Owner Modul 2 Master

Friday is Live Online Day at SERVIEW The second module focuses on the contents of the SCRUM Master (PSM1). Learn the contents of the second module of the official SCRUM training in an online classroom together with a trainer present online.

SCRUM is the globally most widespread project management method and has been used very successfully for over 20 years. In this module, you'll learn the specific SCRUM Master contents and will then be able to take the SCRUM Master Exam and to participate in the SCRUM Product Owner module (module 3).

Included in the price:

Edutainment instead of PowerPoint
100.000 participants
Term guarantee

295 p.P.

plus statutory VAT

+ Examination fee
€ 150 p.P. plus statutory VAT

1 day

9.00 to 12.30
13.30 to 17.00

Learning objective

In modules 1-3, you'll learn the principles of agile project management according to SCRUM. They include the basic principles, the contents, and the responsibilities of a SCRUM Master and a Product Owner. During the training, you'll learn the necessary terminology and prepare yourself for the official exams.


SERVIEW's Live Online Training represents a new way of learning. You'll learn all the training contents of the respective module live and in constant dialogue with an experienced SERVIEW trainer. You'll also use the SERVIEW Workbook Principle. No boring PowerPoint presentations, we'll work through the contents together with you, just as in SERVIEW face-to-face trainings. Through the use of our interactive learning platform and the education package sent to in advance, you'll have all the possibilities you'd have in a normal training. Give your input, ask questions, give the trainer instant feedback on his or her statements - all these functions are made possible by our platform. The group assignments of a face-to-face training are worked on in separate rooms and you'll present the results in the common classroom. In trainings that lead to certifications, you'll take the exam flexibly online which gives you the possibility to freely choose your exam date.


SERVIEW Live Online Trainings are a new and attractive way to learn, and you'll only need a workplace with a stable internet connection, a headset and a webcam for it. Our education package that is sent to you in advance includes the literature, workbook and training documents you'll need for the training.


(Darstellung des SERVIEW Live-Online Training)

Training contents

The training consists of different contents and aspects. You'll prepare for the SCRUM Master exam (PSM1).

  • Specific characteristics of the SCRUM contents based on the role of SCRUM Master.
  • Exam preparation 


You are a project or team manager or professional, product manager or work in the field of project support or in a SCRUM team, and you wish to learn the role of SCRUM Master and take the official PSM1 exam of


You'll have to have completed module 1 SCRUM Basics, in order to be able to participate in this module.


Module 29 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Training

Exam details

Duration60 minutes
You'll take the exam after the training at
Questions80 multiple choice questions & true/false questions
Additional information You'll need 85% to pass the exam.
Exam languagesEnglish


The exam is not included in the training. In order o participate in it, you have to register for your training on

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This training enables you to

The SCRUM Master and Product Owner training (modules 1-3) by SERVIEW enables you the following:

  • You'll be able to work efficiently in an agile SCRUM environment and lead it.
  • You'll know the responsibilities of a SCRUM team and be able to take on the different roles with certainty.
  • You'll be able to apply SCRUM in all organisations and adapt it to the circumstances.
  • You'll obtain two globally recognised and valid certificates which officially confirm your skills and knowledge.
  • You'll open yourself new career possibilities.  

The SCRUM Guide: The Definitive Guide to SCRUM.



The SERVIEW Workbook-Concept

The SERVIEW "Workbook-Prinzip" (Workbook Concept) is different: there are no tedious presentations. Instead, the instructor uses a flip chart and a pen. And rather than just quickly reading out a script, he speaks freely and writes the most important points down one by one. At the same time, the course participants fill in their workbooks, completing the same chart. Actively following along and taking part makes the information much easier for them to remember.

In-house Trainings

We are also happy to provide all our trainings as customised and personal in-house trainings. You'll decide when, where and on what scale. Further information is available here.

Webinars – know more

Catch up on current topics and developments as well as new challenges and problems through our regular webinars. You will find information here.