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PRINCE2 Foundation Modul 3 Project Execution & Completion

Friday is Live Online Day at SERVIEW The third of four modules deals with project execution and completion according to PRINCE2. Learn the contents of the third module of the official PRINCE2 Foundation in an online classroom together with a trainer present online. 

In the Foundation, you'll take your first steps in the world of project management according to PRINCE2 learn the basics needed in the advanced trainings. In this module, you'll learn how to execute projects according to PRINCE2. After this, you'll be prepared to participate in module 4.

Included in the price:

  • Live training with a trainer
  • Training based on the SERVIEW Workbook Principle
  • eBook 'PRINCE2 - Alles was man wissen muss' (250 pages – value € 40)
  • Training documents sent by mail


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245 p.P.

plus statutory VAT

0.5 days

9.00 to 12.30


SERVIEW's Live Online Training represents a new way of learning. You'll learn all the training contents of the respective module live and in constant dialogue with an experienced SERVIEW trainer. You'll also use the SERVIEW Workbook Principle. No boring PowerPoint presentations, we'll work through the contents together with you, just as in SERVIEW face-to-face trainings. Through the use of our interactive learning platform and the education package sent to in advance, you'll have all the possibilities you'd have in a normal training. Give your input, ask questions, give the trainer instant feedback on his or her statements - all these functions are made possible by our platform. The group assignments of a face-to-face training are worked on in separate rooms and you'll present the results in the common classroom. In trainings that lead to certifications, you'll take the exam flexibly online which gives you the possibility to freely choose your exam date.


SERVIEW Live Online Trainings are a new and attractive way to learn, and you'll only need a workplace with a stable internet connection, a headset and a webcam for it. Our education package that is sent to you in advance includes the literature, workbook and training documents you'll need for the training.


(Darstellung des SERVIEW Live-Online Training)

Training contents

The training is based on the official syllabus of PRINCE2. In this module, you'll learn the following contents:

  • Process Controlling a phase
  • Process Managing product delivery
  • Topic Risks
  • Topic Quality
  • Topic Changes
  • Process Completing a project  


You are a project manager or member, leader, CEO or work in the field of project support or change management. You wish to gain a fundamental understanding of PRINCE2 and acquire the official certificate.


In order to participate, it is important to have completed modules 1 and 2.


Module 39 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Training

Further trainings

The following trainings are often booked together with the Certified HR Service Manager training:

This training enables you to

The PRINCE2 Foundation modules 1-4 by SERVIEW enables you the following:

  • You'll be able to efficiently work in a PRINCE2-compliant environment and know the workflows and benefits of a PRINCE2 project.
  • You'll be able to correctly classify the key terms of PRINCE2 and to define functions, processes and roles.
  • You'll recognise a successful PRINCE2 project and know which principles have to be considered.
  • You'll know how to steer effectively, escalate ideally and deal with risks correctly.
  • You'll obtain a globally recognised and valid certificate that officially confirms your skills and knowledge.
  • You'll open yourself new career possibilities and be able to participate in advanced PRINCE2 Trainings

What is PRINCE2?

This video shows you what the principle of the project management method PRINCE2 and how it can be learned.

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