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The Simulations

Training » The Simulations


Service Management Simulations

Gain new insights, develop common solutions and improve the processes of your organisation. Learn service management and ITIL in a practice-oriented way through gamification.

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Project Management Simulations

Recreate one of the big pyramids and learn project management and PRINCE2 through gamification. Strengthen your team and identify problems and risks, in order to find new solution approaches together.

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DevOps Simulations

Solve the problems of an organisation and lead it back to success. Only modern DevOps approaches and pooling the different teams and interests enable you to design this IT project successfully and to learn many a useful thing for your daily work.

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Cyber Security & Resilience Simulations

You are in charge of securely carrying out an important exhibition. The only way to stop the theft is applying the correct measures and assessing the security situation correctly. React to developments appropriately and learn a lot about the different factors of cyber security, resilience and the all-important human factor.

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