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In just 4 days you'll become an effective contributor in the ITIL4 environment and receive the globally valid ITIL4 Foundation certificate.

ITIL Foundation is the first step into the world of IT service management and the basis for all following ITIL trainings. You'll obtain an overview of the ITIL practices, functions and roles that is valuable in practice. The contents are communicated in an interactive and practice-orientated way which ensures that you'll learn the necessary terminology. This allows you to implement ITIL in your daily work and you'll receive an optimal preparation for the ITIL Foundation exam.

Your advantages:

    • Accredited Workbook
    • High-quality training setup
    • Top location including meals
    • Exam & result within the training
    • Official certificate sent as digital file within 48 hours


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      Not using PowerPoint in our trainings.

      The Workbook Principle guarantees that you'll avoid endless slides and boring frontal instruction. Instead, you'll work on vivid flip charts and develop the contents of your workbook together with the trainer. This ensures a verifiably better knowledge transfer.

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      Naturally, we are officially accredited by the highest authority for all the trainings we offer. The exceptional thing is that all our trainers are permanent and accredited consultants of SERVIEW – this means that you'll always get 100% SERVIEW. The unique Workbook Principle we use to enrichen our trainings make them the best rated trainings in Europe. 

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      985 p.P.

      plus statutory VAT

      + Examination fee
      € 215 p.P. plus statutory VAT

      + Exam insurance
      € 39 p.P. plus statutory VAT.

      2 days

      Including exam

      PMI: Up to 8 PDUs
      for this training
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      Zeitraum Place Trainer Price (VAT excluded)
      Thu 27/06/19 - Fri 28/06/19 Berlin 985 €
      Mon 05/08/19 - Tue 06/08/19 Frankfurt Michael H. 985 €
      Thu 24/10/19 - Fri 25/10/19 Frankfurt Michael H. 985 €
      Mon 09/12/19 - Tue 10/12/19 Frankfurt 985 €

      Learning goal

      In 2 days you'll learn the basics of IT service management according to ITIL4 on the Foundation level. This includes the fundamental principle of the service lifecycle, the processes, functions and roles. During the trainings you'll learn the necessary terminology and prepare yourself for the ITIL Foundation exam in an optimal manner. The ITIL Foundation exam measures the theoretical expertise you have acquired in order to be able to continue successfully on your path towards the Expert level through the ITIL Intermediate trainings.

      The ITIL4 Foundation training by SERVIEW is officially accredited and fulfils the requirements of the Official Accreditor for ITIL (AXELOS). This means that all crucial ITIL contents are guaranteed to be communicated.


      You wouldn't want dry PowerPoint presentations and neither would we.
      At SERVIEW, we have combined entertainment and sustainable learning.

      • Working with literature and case studies
      • Learning with the Workbook Principle ®
      • Lectures and tutorial dialogue
      • Participant presentations and exchange of experiences

      In order to facilitate your learning and maximise the practice-orientation of the training, we use different media and learning techniques during the ITIL Foundation. This is why you'll receive the ITIL Foundation workbook and case studies during the training. Your training thus includes different knowledge transfer methods, such as lectures, tutorial dialogue, group work and participant presentations. We pay particular attention to the exam preparation which includes taking and discussing sample exams.

      An important ingredient of our method is the competency of our trainers. Their education is always obtained from accredited experts. This is ensured through a strict internal education programme and the concluding audit based on the requirements of the Official Accreditor.

      All our trainers are permanent employees of SERVIEW and work actively as consultants. This enables us to give you real examples and to approach your problems in an optimal manner. The combination of training and consulting guarantees you the best possible ITIL Expert for your ITIL Foundation training.

      Training contents

      The ITIL Foundation training consists of different contents and aspects that flow seamlessly into each other. The training is based on the official syllabus and ITIL version 2011. In a nutshell, you'll learn the theory of ITIL and prepare for the Foundation exam.

      • IT service management in practice
      • The service lifecycle
      • Contents of the individual lifecycles
      • ITIL key terms and models
      • IT service management concepts and processes
      • Chosen roles and functions
      • ITSM technology and architecture
      • ITIL qualifications and educational possibilities


      You might be a service or IT organisation manager or employee, leader, CEO, IT professional or business manager. Or maybe you wish to gain a fundamental understanding of ITIL and acquire the official certificate.


      You need no previous knowledge to participate in the ITIL4 Foundation training. All necessary contents are communicated during the training.


      Day 19:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.Training
      Day 29:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
      3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

      Exam details

      Duration60 minutes
      You'll take the exam directly after the training
      Questions40 multiple choice questions
      Additional informationYou'll need 26 points (65%) to pass the exam.
      The maximum score is 40 points (100%).
      No aids are allowed, and the exam is not scenario-based.
      Credits For passing the ITIL Foundation exam you'll receive 2 ITIL credits.
      Exam languagesEnglish
      Exam institutePEOPLECERT

      This training enables you to

      After the training you will want to have obtained new skills and knowledge. The ITIL Foundation training by SERVIEW enables you the following:

      • You'll be able to work actively and efficiently in an ITIL-compliant environment and will know how to deal with the service lifecycle concept.
      • You'll be able to correctly classify the key terms of ITIL and to define functions, processes and roles.
      • You'll know the business benefits of ITIL and recognise the added value of the different phases.
      • You'll obtain a globally recognised and valid certificate that officially confirms your skills and knowledge.
      • You'll open yourself new career possibilities and be able to participate in advanced ITIL Trainings, such as our ITIL Expert trainings and ITIL Intermediate trainings.

      PDUs for this training

      In the context of your PMI recertification, you'll receive the following PDUs for our training:

      Training             Technical  Leadership  Strategic  Total   
      PMP® & PgMP®5038 PDUs
      PMI_ACP®0033 PDUs
      PMI_RMP®0033 PDUs
      PMI_SP®0033 PDUs
      PfMP®0033 PDUs
      PMI_PBA®0033 PDUs


      You'll find additional information about our PDUs and a complete overview of all our trainings under:
      PDUs for PMI certification at SERVIEW.

      Different. Better for you and your training.

      Every day, SERVIEW sends countless boxes and packages to their trainers.

      This means countless possibilities for errors. A set of ITIL Foundation documents might be forgotten, the documents for the wrong training might be chosen or the documents might not be sent at all.

      Despite all these possibilities for errors, you'll always receive the correct training documents on time. And they are of the highest quality.

      However, we do not use an extensive logistics system or many external service providers to ensure that you'll receive your documents as described and be able to learn everything on the topic IT service management. SERVIEW simply employs the right people in the right places. This is how workbooks, pens, flip charts or sample exams are never forgotten or misplaced.

      Good planning and proactive management give you the possibility to enrol today in a training that is carried out tomorrow. And, despite your late enrolment, you'll have all the training materials the person sitting next to you also has.

      We are proud to have such a team and very pleased to able to provide you with all the materials for the ITIL Foundation and all other trainings on time.

      How to implement IT Service Management



      What is ITIL?

      "What is ITIL?" In this short and simple explanatory video, why ITIL is the service management framework for all companies providing services.

      IT Biz Analyst - Materials Management 16.10.2017


      Overall I would say ITIL foundations course covered expectations referred to giving enough elements to understand in a high level what ITIL is focused and how to be applied in an enterprise. Knowledge was properly transferred from the trainer which demonstrated sharp skills in the field and enough experience to be accurate and walkthrough all the assistants. Questions and doubts where answered correctly and in form. I would strongly recommend to adapt the content of the training for more specific adidas topics, which for certain would provide better insights in how to apply the knowledge in a practical and effective way. Thanks!

      Hervorragende Einführung in ITIL 12.10.2017


      Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit der Art und Weise, wie Gisela in kurzer Zeit sehr anschaulich die Inhalte zu ITIL präsentiert.

      Very good to understand ! 25.09.2017


      It was very helpful to understand the ITIL process in our company. I realized that some process is operating correctly and some needs to be improved. I specially appreciated the Mr. Wolfgang for the dedicated and enthusiastic teaching for us to grab better ITIL(IT Infrastructure Library) knowledge. Thanks.

      Best training ever 15.09.2017


      Within 40 years in industry I have never before experienced such an efficient training where I learned a lot while having fun and always a good feeling in the entire group. Perfect trainer and perfect learning material! Keep going this way!

      Hervorragendes Training 14.09.2017


      Hat mir sehr gut gefallen, sowohl von der Methodik, als auch von der Präsentation der Trainerin.

      Perfect! 11.09.2017

      (Procter & Gamble)

      Everything was great

      Good Training Quality 28.08.2017


      I think it was very short term. but, Training was the best quality. She gave a major point of training and good examples. She was very interactive but she was also strict. I's like to say to her 'Thank you very much. you were good job!'.

      Excellent 16.07.2017


      Excellent content and very good instructor. The way training was imparted is appreciable. I highly recommend it.

      Sehr kompetente und sympathische Trainerin 13.03.2017

      (Adidas AG)

      Das ITIL foundation Training wurde trotz des trockenen theoretischen Charakters sehr verständlich erklärt. Sarah hat die Fähigkeit komplexe Themen sehr gut und einfach durch verständliche Beispiele darzustellen. Sie ist dazu auch noch eine sehr sympathische Person und geht individuell auf die Teilnehmenden ein. Wir hatten also drei sehr nette Tage, mit viel zum Lernen, aber auch viel zum Lachen.


      (Solid servision)

      Very good foundation Training.

      Awesome training 10.10.2016


      Very good presentation style, competent responses to all additional questions and really good examples made this complex topic an enjoyable, informative experience. The Flipcharts and handbook are a great way to include participants in the training. Thank you for this great training!

      Great training! 10.10.2016


      Dear Serview, let me express my thanks for the ITIL V3 Foundation Training from last week, it was a very well prepared training. The performance of the trainer was above my expectationd, with a lot of pratical examples and a great personality put-in. Wish you all the best and looking forward to the next trainings with serview. Warm regards, Adrian Toth

      ITIL Foundation 14.08.2016

      (Celesio AG)

      "The Training was very clear, the materials were good, and the examples were useful and thought-provoking. I learned a lot about processes and functions and how to work more effectively with the help of best practices of ITIL. Wonderful Training and amazing Trainter! I am so glad I attended and would like to thank my seniors for nominating me ! Thank you and wish to take advance training in future!!

      Best Training & Trainer Ever 21.07.2016

      (West Pharmaceutical Services, Deutschland GmbH & Co.Kg)

      The training and trainer both were great. Conent was presented and very intersting manner that keeps the participant always focused . Use of flip chart and diagrams was brilliant idea instead of beamers and ppts. Andrea was very energetic and explained the content with practicle examples. keeping both example and explaination simple to understand. Mood of the participant group was always good and every one had fun while training. Andrea always had participants on her side due to her personal and social skills , the trainign was in English and being non native her English skills were exceptional. If I would do trainign with Serview again then it would be great to have Andrea as trainer again. All the best. Vikas Misra

      Top Schulung 01.07.2016


      Die Schulung war super gestaltet und strukturiert. Der Vortrag war verständlich und mit vielen Beispielen angereichert. Ist auf jeden Fall empfehlenswert für alle die sich in der IT weiter bilden wollen.

      ITIL V3 Foundation Training 01.07.2016

      (Accenture GmbH)

      Herr Hinrichs war sehr freundlich und überaus kompetent. Er konnte den Inhalt des Trainings sehr anschaulich vermitteln, was dazu beitrug, dass es nie langweilig wurde. Dies alles in einer angenehmen Atmosphäre machten die zwei Tage zum nahezu perfekten Trainingserlebnis. Great Job!

      Thank You 01.07.2016


      The sense of humor from Mr. Hinrichs made the training more fun... thank you very much and all the best for him. Of course, thank you "Giovanni", for making this ITIL foundation more understable. :)

      Well prepared and clear explanation 01.07.2016


      Hello Björn, Thanks for the training delivered. That was a perfect presentation and well prepared. The examples are also mostly relatime for easy understanding. I strongly recommend my friends to take part of traning and certification under this organization. Best regards.

      ITIL Foundation Training 24.03.2016

      (Paul Hartmann AG)

      Hr. Björn Hinrichs hat die Schulung sehr gut vorbereitet und hat auch die Themen gut vorgestellt und erklärt. Ich bin mit der Schulung sehr zufrieden gewesen.

      ITIL Foundation training 24.03.2016

      (Paul Hartmann)

      Mr Hinrichs did an excellent job! He managed to bring over all these theoretical concepts in a pleasant and lively way, keeping me focused during the 3 days

      Great training, great timing 10.03.2016


      It was a really good training, quite packed with information for 3 days, especially considering the exam preparation for the certificate. I am looking forward for any other trainings with Serview if they are on the same level as provided by Melika.

      Theorie verbunden mit Praxisbeispielen 10.03.2016

      (adidas Group)

      Sehr guter Vorbereitungskurs auf ITIL Foundation. Jederzeit auch bereit fragen außerhalb der Theorie zu beantworten, somit auch ein enger Bezug zu Parixszenarien.

      Kompetenter Trainer, Thema sehr gut dargestellt 09.03.2016


      Herr Krüger hat einen sehr kompetenten Eindruck hinterlassen. Fragen konnte er stets direkt beantworten und mit Beispielen illustrieren. Seine Darstellung der Themen war sowohl sprachlich als auch visuell sehr gut. Insgesamt ein informatives, lehrreiches und kurzweiligs Training.

      Gutes Training in Englisch 07.03.2016

      (Paul Hartmann AG)

      Trainer hat sehr viel tiefes Wissen, dass er bereitwillig teilt und versucht mit Praxisbeispielen zu untermauern. Englisch war sehr gut verständlich.


      (Serco Services GmbH)

      Everything has been perfectly organized. The training was delivering all the information in a easy to understand and follow approach. Thank you very much.

      ITIL Foundation 2011 04.12.2015


      The methods used by the Trainer were extremly efective. The examples very weel related to the subject.


      (de Julio)

      The course was clear and built in a clear and simple way. Gisela and Mark have been excellent Tutors making simple what is hard to understand .

      Interesting and enjoyable experience 04.12.2015

      (Serco GmbH)

      I was fully satisfied by the training. Both trainers were great and managed to convert a "boring" theoretical training to a very interesting and enjoyable experience.

      Superb training, trainer and training materials 03.12.2015

      (GfK SE)

      It was a pleasure to attend this training: the trainer was very very enthusiastic, giving tons of examples from his broad experiences. It made the course very vital and focused on the ITIL themes. The training method: making notes and intensive interaction and not a dull slide show, is brilliant and is very well supported by the prepared flipcharts and workbook. If anybody would ask me where to attend an ITIL training, the answer will be Serview.

      ITIL Foundation 03.12.2015

      (Serco Services Deutschland GmbH)

      The overall evaluation of the course is very good. Trainer with excellent knowledge and advanced experience (additional examples from work life made the course more interesting). Hospitality of all involved people (from secretary to cook) on highest level.


      (Serco GmbH)

      Very well organised training in a friendly and nice environment.



      The training was great. Ms. Böndgen was really motivating us and transfered the knowledge in a great way. Thank you very much. Best regards Heiko Christof

      5 06.11.2015

      (Navarro Yeste)

      She does her trainning with a lot of passion and in a such a pragmatical way that you feel involved since the beginning. Congrats Andrea

      Absolutely perfekt 10.05.2015


      I would say, trainer very professional, funny, experienced in area. He gave us very solid overview and introduction to topic. Good job!

      excellent 24.11.2014

      Oliver Imm is an excellent trainer. Best in Class.

      ITIL Foundation Training 3.11.2014 - 5.11.2014 06.11.2014

      I have got more than positive impression from ITIL Foundation trianing, led by Mr. Mzee. Having great communication and presentation skills, Mr. Mzee kept always all the participants attentive and interested. All the topics were reviewed in a clear manner with very good examples.

      ITIL® Foundation V3 02.05.2014

      The training was good and trainer too. Study material was fine .

      ITIL Fondation Course 11.04.2014

      The training and the trainer were good, I understood the ITIL concept. The support (books, training tests, paperboards) were excellents. My opinion : for non-student public, there is too many things for 3 days. Maybe 4 days for the same subjects are better. Or 3 days with a little less to learn. Thanks to Mr FAUTH Bye

      ITIL V3 23.01.2014

      Hello, the training location/facilities was/were good. The trainee had a good time management, his english was good and the material provided was also effective. Best regards Gisueppe Sica

      I recommend ITIL course in English 23.01.2014

      The explanations of the instructor and the material used in English was very appropriate and completed. Also the site selected for the course was very comfortable and illuminated. Overall I'm very satisfied. Regards Miguel Angel Gonzalez-Espi

      Professional and efficient 18.12.2013

      Very efficient course with brilliant concept - using a workbook to walk through, people to write down each topic as it is developed on the course. This helped memorizing and focusing. Definately recomend to others.

      Very interessting and well-strucutred ITIL v3 Foundation Seminar 16.12.2013


      In summary, it can be said that the workshop was very well structured and the topic has been presented by a very motivated trainer in no uncertain manner. I very much liked the workbook based learning style, the rehearsals of the before learned topics each morning, the group discussions and the example test questions. During the workshop the trainer focused on presenting the topic to the group in a easy to understand manner with always having in mind the goal to pass the exam. Thank you very much for this great workshop and I'm sure it wasn't the last seminar with Serview!

      ITIL Foundation 05.12.2013

      It was a very nice Training. best regards

      ITIL® Foundation Classic 03.12.2013


      The 3 day traingn was very interesting and informative. The trainer played a special role by making the session very lively.

      ITIL Foundation Training 25.11.2013

      Excellently prepared and presented, easy to understand with precise information. Great instructor and very thorough communications and delivery. A great experience. Some technical weaknesses while doing the interim evaluation of the exam. Looking forward to take up any potential courses in future.

      ITIL Foundation v3 Training 11.10.2013


      Very good (IT and non IT) practical examples for a very „dry subject” which helped a lot. The training was in English but it was easy to understand for a non native speaker as the trainer didn’t used much exotic vocabularies beside the ITIL terms itself. The preparation, together with some self study in the evening, was absolutely sufficient to pass the test. I can recommend the training as well as the trainer.

      Excellent training 18.09.2013


      Excellent trainer with high skill concerning ITIL, a lot of examples from daily business within the training.

      Feed back ITIL v3 3 day 15.07.2013

      Greater trainer, very resourceful and knowledgable. One main point, not all companies apply the same understanding and principles of ITIL and it would be good to have a intro explaining the basis of ITIL terminology such as Processes, Owners and Funtions. This will help to break the ice and make one more aware of the ITIL abreviations plus have more flas cards and quiz questions. All to help ones memory. Regards Pieter

      Very good course 06.06.2013


      very good organized course and a very good teacher.

      Overall and in particular topics 03.06.2013

      Very Good

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