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ITIL Expert Compact (SS & SD)

Over the course of 5 days, you'll learn all details of the service strategy & service design phases and take the official exams.

With the ITIL Expert Compact training you'll be able to complete two intermediate trainings of the service lifecycle and their exams. You can choose the city that suits you best (a choice of 7 German cities) and thus save travel time and expenses. You'll learn all necessary contents regarding the service strategy (SS) and service design (SD) phases in small groups. During the training, you'll consistently experience a high degree of practice-orientation. This is how we ensure that you'll be able to translate the theoretical contents into your daily work.

Your advantages:

    • Online literature for your preparation
    • Workbooks, reference books & high-quality training setup
    • Top location including meals
    • Exams & results within the training
    • Official certificates sent as digital files within 48 hours


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      Not using PowerPoint in our trainings.

      The Workbook Principle guarantees that you'll avoid endless slides and boring frontal instruction. Instead, you'll work on vivid flip charts and develop the contents of your workbook together with the trainer. This ensures a verifiably better knowledge transfer.

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      Naturally, we are officially accredited by the highest authority for all the trainings we offer. The exceptional thing is that all our trainers are permanent and accredited consultants of SERVIEW – this means that you'll always get 100% SERVIEW. The unique Workbook Principle we use to enrichen our trainings make them the best rated trainings in Europe. 

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      2975 p.P.

      plus statutory VAT

      + Examination fee
      € 550 p.P. plus statutory VAT

      + Exam insurance
      € 95 p.P. plus statutory VAT.

      5 days

      Including exams

      PMI: Up to 22 PDUs
      for this training
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      Zeitraum Place Trainer Price (VAT excluded)
      Mon 29/07/19 - Fri 02/08/19 Frankfurt Michael H. 2975 €

      Learning goal

      In 5 days you'll work through the contents of Service Strategy and Service Design. You'll deal with the principles of both lifecycle phases, as well as their processes and activities. You'll prepare yourself optimally for both official ITIL exams that are taken within the training.

      The ITIL Expert Compact (SS & SD) training by SERVIEW is officially accredited and fulfils the requirements of the Official Accreditor for ITIL (AXELOS). This means that all crucial ITIL contents are guaranteed to be communicated.


      You wouldn't want dry PowerPoint presentations and neither would we.
      At SERVIEW, we have combined entertainment and sustainable learning.

      • Working with professional literature and case studies
      • Learning with the Workbook Principle ®
      • Lectures and tutorial dialogue
      • Group work and exchange of experiences
      • Participant presentations and personal feedback

      In the ITIL Expert Compact training, you'll work with different media and learning techniques, and experience a new way of learning. For your training, you'll receive accredited and exquisite professional literature, workbooks and case studies. Your training includes different knowledge transfer methods, such as lectures, tutorial dialogue, group work and participant presentations. In order to prepare you for your exams in the best possible manner, the training includes discussions about actual exam contents and working on sample exams.

      An important ingredient of our method is the competency of our trainers. Their education is always obtained from accredited experts. This is ensured through a strict internal education programme and the concluding audit based on the requirements of the Official Accreditor.

      All our trainers are permanent employees of SERVIEW and work actively as consultants. This enables us to give you real examples and to approach your problems in an optimal manner. The combination of training and consulting guarantees you the best possible ITIL Expert for your ITIL Expert Compact training.

      Training contents

      The contents of your training will be the theory of the books Service Strategy and Service Design. Practical contents are also communicated consistently, in order to link the knowledge you have acquired to your own work.

      • Introduction into service strategy and its principles
      • Strategy management for business and IT services, financial management and business relationship management
      • Service portfolio management, demand management and governance
      • Challenges and understanding critical success factors and risks
      • Organising the service strategy (e.g. role definition, RACI)
      • Managing and controlling all service design activities, such as concepts, inputs and outputs
      • Service design principles and managing the processes
      • Design coordination, service level management, service catalogue management, capacity management
      • Analysing, choosing and justifying different implementation approaches
      • Service design principles and its organisation
      • Technological concepts and considerations
      • Critical challenges, success factors and risks


      You might be a service or IT organisation manager or employee, leader, CEO, IT professional or might already be working with ITIL in your business. You deal with processes and services or want to become an expert in this field.


      You'll need the ITIL Foundation Certificate (ITIL 2011, ITIL V3 or ITIL V3 Foundation Bridge) in order to be able to take the exams.


      Day 18:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Service strategy training
      Day 28:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.Service strategy training
      Day 38.30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
      10:30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
      1:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
      Service strategy training
      Service strategy exam
      Service design training
      Day 48:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.Service design training
      Day 508:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
      3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
      Service design training
      Service design exam

      Exam details

      Duration90 minutes per exam
      You'll take the exam directly after the training
      Questions8 scenario-based questions per exam
      Additional informationYou'll need 28 points in each exam (70%) to pass.
      The maximum score is 40 points (100%).
      No aids are allowed.
      Credits You'll receive a total of 6 ITIL-credits for passing both exams.
      Exam languagesEnglish
      Exam institutePEOPLECERT

      This training enables you to

      After the training you will want to have obtained new skills and knowledge. The ITIL Compact training including the service strategy and service design phases enables you the following: 

      • You'll have a complete overview of both phases and thus be able to effectively participate in all content-related activities.
      • You'll be able to contribute to the design and implementation of services.
      • You'll be able to improve the provision of services in your business in a sustainable manner.
      • You'll have the necessary knowledge to record and analyse customer requests.
      • You'll be able to develop services and solutions and to actively participate in their implementation.
      • You'll obtain two globally recognised and valid certificate which officially confirm your skills and knowledge.

      PDUs for this training

      In the context of your PMI recertification, you'll receive the following PDUs for our training:

      Training             Technical  Leadership  Strategic  Gesamt     
      PMP® & PgMP®501722 PDUs
      PMI_ACP®001717 PDUs
      PMI_RMP®001717 PDUs
      PMI_SP®001717 PDUs
      PfMP®001717 PDUs
      PMI_PBA®001717 PDUs

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