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PRINCE2® Trainings

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PRINCE2 Trainings

PRINCE2 (Project in Controlled Environments) was developed in 1989 and, today, is one of the most widespread project management methods in the world. Especially in ITIL, it has a crucial role. Currently, the PRINCE2 version PRINCE2:2009 is used in the trainings of the official publisher, Axelos.

Here you'll find all our PRINCE2 trainings that are carried out using the unique workbook principle which makes your learning more sustainable and easier.

PRINCE2 Kompakt

You'll compete combined PRINCE2 trainings. This version will save you valuable time on your way to the finish line.

PRINCE2 Compact AgileTo the training5 Days
PRINCE2 Compact ClassicTo the training5 Days

PRINCE2 Foundation

Learn the basics of PRINCE2 theory and practice. Our PRINCE2 Foundation trainings are an ideal first step into the world of project management.

PRINCE2 Foundation ClassicTo the training2 Days
PRINCE2 Foundation AgileTo the training3 Days

PRINCE2 Practitioner

Prepare for the practice. Our PRINCE2 Practitioner trainings will broaden the knowledge you've acquired in the Foundation training and teach you everything you need for implementing and using PRINCE2 in practice.

PRINCE2 Practitioner ClassicTo the training3 Days
PRINCE2 Practitioner AgileTo the training2 Days


The PRINCE2 Agile certification offers the possibility to start using PRINCE2 in agile projects as well.

PRINCE2 Bridge Classic to AgileTo the training3 Days

Project Management Simulations

Recreate one of the big pyramids and learn project management and PRINCE2 through gamification. Strengthen your team and identify problems and risks, in order to find new solution approaches together.

Challenge of EgyptTo the training1 Tag