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DevOps Practitioner

This 2-day course builds on the course DevOps Fundamentals. The focus of the DevOps Practitioner training is set on the four competence areas defined by DASA (DevOps Agile Skill Association) and completely essential for a successful implementation and application of DevOps principles in practise.

This course helps you understand why these four skills: courage, team building, leadership and continual improvement are the necessary capabilities for a DevOps environment. The DevOps Practitioner training was developed, in order to shape those fundamental skills of individuals and teams that are necessary for applying DevOps in practice. Using DevOps theory, practice-oriented examples, exercises and interactive group discussions, the course will help you understand how the necessary skills arte to be applied in order to apply DevOps in practice. The course is concluded with an exam. When you pass the exam, you'll receive the DASA DevOps Practitioner certificate.

Im Preis enthalten:

  • Official certificate of the DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA)
  • High-quality training setup
  • Workbook & integration model
  • Top location including meals


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    Price upon request

    2 days

    Including exam

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    Training contents

    The training consist of coordinated training blocks. The focus of the DevOps Practitioner training is set on the four competence areas defined by DASA and essential for successful DevOps results. An overview of the training contents:

    • Team building

      • Designing and building teams
      • Governance

    • DevOps Leadership

      • Shaping a DevOps culture
      • Demonstrating purpose and benefits
      • Acting as a servant leader
      • Focus on customer and team success

    • Courage

      • Building courage
      • Different thinking

    • Value – customer-oriented practices

      • Different aspects of value creation
      • Stakeholder management
      • Combination of lean startup and DevOps
      • The power of story mapping

    • Continual improvement

      • Generating flow
      • Types of continual improvement (kaizen, radical change)
      • Tools for continual improvement

    • Exam preparation & exam


    The DevOps Practitioner training is meant for persons that work in IT development, in IT operations or IT service management, or whose role is linked to DevOps and Continuous Delivery, such as DevOps Engineers, Product Owners, Integration Specialists, Operations Managers, Incident and Change Managers, System Administrators, Network Administrators, Business Managers, Automation Architects and Enterprise Architects.


    It is obligatory to have the DASA DevOps Fundamentals certificate. Basic knowledge of agile, scrum, lean and ITSM principles is helpful.


    Day 19:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.Training
    Day 29:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.Training & Exam

    Exam details

    Duration45 minutes (15 minutes additional time, if English is not your mother tongue)
    You'll take the exam directly after the training
    Questions12 multiple choice questions
    Additional informationYou'll need 36 out of 60 points (60%) to pass the exam.
    Exam languagesEnglish and German
    Exam instituteDASA

    This training enables you to

    With the knowledge gained in the course, you'll develop the following understanding and be able to implement the following points in practice:

    • The significance of the DevOps culture and the aspects you can influence.
    • Why courage, team building, leadership and continual improvement are essential to a DevOps environment.
    • Why courage is vital to enabling trust, honesty and experiments.
    • Identification and assessment of different behavioural patterns in a DevOps environment.
    • Identification of signals indicating obstacles and/or team failure functions.
    • How good DevOps teams are built and their maturity level is assessed.
    • Identifying the effect of happiness and motivation on team performance.
    • Identifying how leaders promote feedback and transparency.
    • Discussing the factors that leaders can influence, in order to build trust.
    • How and why leaders promote a safe to fail environment.
    • Analysing value streams in order to improve output and flow.
    • Using typical tools for continual improvement: structured problem-solving workshops, story mapping meeting and retrospectives.

    Das SERVIEW-Plakat für DevOps. Die Zusammenhänge auf einen Blick.



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