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Are you looking for an ITIL, PRINCE2 or Scrum compliant software?

SERVIEW has been observing and analyzing the market for ITIL, PRINCE2 and Scrum software solutions since 2003. With the SERVIEW CERTIFIEDTOOL award, SERVIEW brings transparency and comparability to the software market. SERVIEW is strictly neutral towards software providers. Talk to us!

SERVIEW, as an independent management consultancy for the optimisation of it organisations, observes and analyses the market for software solutions that support organisations in evolving into a business partner. In consultancy projects, software comparison studies and events, such as the biggest congress for all service organisations (BMPK), SERVIEW, with the help of its SERVIEW CERTIFIEDTOOL award, brings transparency and comparability to the software market of ITIL, PRINCE2 and Scrum compliant tools. SERVIEW remains strictly neutral towards software providers. This means that there are no fees for being included in studies or for the SERVIEW CERTIFIEDTOOL award and no commissions for recommending a software. SERVIEW also doesn't offer software implementation, in order to avoid internal interests.

Probably the most honest award for software solutions

Contrary to all other seals of approval for software solutions on the market, the SERVIEW CERTIFIEDTOOL is free of charge. Even with all the money in the world, this award cannot be bought. Software solution manufacturers in the field of Service- or Project management have to measure up to the criteria of SERVIEW and fulfil very strict criteria, only then do they receive the award.


The solution is thoroughly analysed on the basis of over 600 SERVIEW CERTIFIEDTOOL assessment criteria. This includes presenting the solution in live operation.


  • Service Management Version 4 - ITIL 4 compliant software
  • Service Management Version 3 - ITIL v3 compliant software
  • Supporting Service Management - supporting solutions for SM
  • Project Management - PRINCE2 compliant software
  • Agile Product Development - Scrum compatible software

Up to 40% less time and costs for tool evaluation.

If you now had the task to choose an appropriate service management software solution for your organisation, the combination of the SERVIEW CERTIFIEDTOOL and SERVIEW consultancy would not only save you a lot of time and money, but would also offer you verifiable neutrality and unique security to act. You'll find more information here.

Michael Kresse, owner of SERVIEW, on SERVIEW CERTIFIEDTOOL:

"We'll ensure that all it-organisations develop into genuine business partners. The SERVIEW CERTIFIEDTOOL award only benefits service and project management users. I want to make sure that our customers are able to instantly distinguish very good software solutions from those that are not so good. SERVIEW CERTIFIEDTOOL s not a business model of SERVIEW, it is a service for our customers."