We have been optimising national and international service organisations on the basis of recognised best management practices for over 15 years. Successful!

  • Comprehensible!

    "No straight path leads to right destination!"

    "We've just straight. Our consultancy is straight. That's why we are able to handle the curves and obstacles of the day-to-day business of our clients perfectly."

    Michael Weber

  • Appropriate!

    "Genuine decisions always lead to change!"

    "A good personal relationship to our clients is the basis for sorting out the situation appropriately. The objective of our consultancy is improvement, and improvement only happens, if you have the courage to change."

    Michael Heyn

  • Practicable!

    "Demand more from us than you expect!"

    We know the daily grind and the questions connected to it. Our consulting is based on our experience and proven methods. Above all: We support you at the right spots.

    Torsten Schneider

  • Different!

    "There is a standard, we just don't correspond to it!"

    "Our clothes are classic, our mindset is modern. Our actions and knowledge are genuine and so inspiring that they are contagious to our clients."

    Ralf Günzl