Workbook Principle

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Workbook Principle

Trainings » Why Serview » Workbook Principle

SERVIEW Workbook principle®

Edutainment instead of PowerPoint!

In our trainings PowerPoint and boredom are strictly forbidden. Already since 2002 our trainings take place without the "lernverderber" PowerPoint. According to our claim "knowledge transfer in an entertaining way" the human being is the only focus of our training. A training without fun is no further education for us.

In a SERVIEW training course, the trainer works together with the participants on the respective contents using clear flipcharts and the SERVIEW workbook. Comprehensible, humorous and at just the right pace.

What distinguishes our workbooks?

Our Workbooks consist of so-called "finished" and "unfinished" pages. The finished pages are fully described drawings, texts or explanations. These pages serve as additional information to the actual contents of the training courses. The most important part of our workbooks are the unfinished pages. These are drawings and/or texts, which are worked out together with the trainer in the classroom. This is done by the trainer explaining and working through the unfinished pages with the help of a flipchart. The drawing on the trainer's flipchart is identical to the unfinished page of the workbook. The flipchart is then completed together by the trainer and the unfinished pages in the workbook are completed by the participant. With a very personal touch. In order to consolidate the written content, this is done - in addition to the professionally necessary statements by the trainer - especially by using simple messages and clear metaphors from everyday life.

Why do we not use PowerPoint?

The most ardent advocates of PowerPoint have always been the presenters, but not the listeners and participants. When PowerPoint is used in training courses, the eyes of the participants are inevitably focused on the screen. The human being is subject to a reading compulsion. The trainer only has an extra role. The problem is that the training is forced into a less lively, almost monotonous structure. The training is divided into individual little pieces. Powerpoint tempts you to substantiate and formulate word monsters that are difficult to process because emotions are no longer addressed. Text on foil prevents emotions. Text on foil kills tension and text on foil prevents effect. Powerpoint is the main protagonist of these effect prevention battles. In this way one does not learn to understand necessary training contents.

Work with the flipchart

In all our training courses we therefore use the flipchart to convey theory. But always in combination with the corresponding workbook. This results in a targeted communication between the participants and the trainer as well as a deliberate sensitisation of the participants to the trainer. The speed of the training, i.e. the communication of contents within a certain period of time, is consciously designed in such a way that both sides, the trainer and the participants, proceed at a coordinated learning speed. As the trainer himself also has to finish the unfinished flipcharts, there is enough time for reflection and documentation for the participant. But it is the entire combination of workbook and flipchart as well as the lack of PowerPoint that makes the concept so unique.

Not convinced yet? Then take a look at what other participants say about the SERVIEW workbook principle. About 8000 written evaluations should give you a good feeling that you have found the right continuing education partner in SERVIEW. To the evaluation system.